Workout sessions are always very tough but fun at the same time. A very committed trainer who continuously motivate and pushes us to meet our goals and limits we never thought we could achieve.


Eugene is not only my personal trainer, but the personal trainer of my whole family. And after 4 years training with him, he is also a really good friend of mine now. I like how he customised the workout plan for each and everyone of us, and keeps motivating and pushing us to our limits. Always feeling great after a burning workout!


Hi Eugene, thank you so much for your professional personal training for me and my wife during these 3+ years. As you know, I am quite concerned whether my coach is professional or not because maybe I worked with various professional coaches and studied sport science in my 1st degree in UK long time ago, I would say you are a scientific and more human & humour trainer to take care of my training schedule on weekly basis especially after my frequent travels. Not only working relationship but also friendship has been gained and treasured. Please keep us fit continuously thanks

Charles, CEO of People Impact

I have been consistently training under Eugene for over three years now. He has helped me with diet and nutrition plans along with exercise training that is custom tailored just for me. I have achieved more than I thought was possible in strength and mobility, and he has pushed me to reach new limits again and again. Eugene is well versed in all methods old or new and keeps current with innovations in his profession. I always appreciate the feeling of being number one priority during our sessions. He is the best trainer I have had and I will continue to work with him.


Eugene has been our family coach for four years. It's not only fitness and health that we have enhanced, the regular workout also increases our family bond.


Eugene is a wonderful coach. He understands our limit and devises tailor-made routines that suit our physics. Over the past 4 years, I have noticed much improvements in myself and feel much younger than I was before. Thanks so much to Eugene.


Eugene is the type of professional trainer that will always have your goals in mind. He is exceptionally good at providing his clients a holistic training and wellness advice to his clients’ different needs. I first started training with Eugene when I was suffering from back pain due to an injury, and wanted professional advice and training to cope with the injury. On top of the fact that the training that he provided during the gym session was exceptional, he provided valuable tips on daily exercises that I could do to keep on working on getting better. When I recovered from the injury, I then asked Eugene to help me with my gymnastics and then my tennis game, both requests he was able to come up with various types of training and advices. During the exercise session, Eugene makes sure that you understand why that training will help you in your goals. So it is easy to commit to the exercises that he presents, as you understand exactly how those exercises will lead to your goals.