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Welcome to our first blog: Track to Success

This post is about training, new gadget, and the importance of tracking your training and progress.

Keeping track of your exercise progress is an important part of keeping yourself motivated, as well as celebrating accomplishments and identifying areas for improvement. As there are some famous quotes: "A goal without a plan is just a wish"; or "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail". At Awaken Personal Training, we value the importance of results, whether your training goal is to lose fat, gain muscles, or to have a once-in-a-life-time transformation, all of which cannot be achieve without a solid plan in training or diet plan.

We are happy to share with you that our personal training service is now partnering with Trainerize - a workout tracking platform that allows clients themselves to track their workout progress, or trainers can track stats for their clients as they train the clients in person.

In partnership with Trainerize

Apart from this exciting partnership with Trainerize that every client at Awaken Personal Training will be entitled to be enrolled onto our personalised application, I just want to share a little secret to Eugene's training and fat loss journey as it has been around 6 weeks in since he has started dieting back in the beginning of July.

During the 6 weeks, Eugene has already lost 2.2kg in body weight, and gained 1kg of lean mass, lost 3.1kg of fat mass. The most significant stats were his skin-fold measurements, of which he used a 14-sites skin-fold measurement to closely monitor his progress. I have displayed some of the skin-fold sites measurements above. As the result of consistent dieting and training, his sub-scupula skin-fold (located on the upper back near the shoulder blades) went from 14.2mm to 11.6mm; and suprailiac skin-fold (or love handle site) went from 19.2mm to 14.4mm in just 6 weeks. To elaborate a little further about the theory behind measuring specific skin-fold, the sub-scapula site is the genetic marker for carbohydrate intolerance. The suprailiac, reflects the amount of insulin that the person produces, as well as their sensitivity to it. It is closely related to environmental carbohydrates, or those carbohydrates taken in through the diet. These two sites are referred as the insulin sites and to simply put it, they are closely related to sugar and how well your body is handling sugar.

In our next post, we will talk more on different skin-fold sites and explain a little more on what your body fat tells you about your hormone profile. Stay tuned.