Awaken Personal Training offers best training experience for everyone in Hong Kong. No matter your age, level or sport, or background, we can help you take your performance to the next level through the most effective training techniques. Our science-based training programs use functional movements to support the demands of sport and increase strength, speed, agility, and durability.


With our scientific approach, we carefully construct and tailor effective workouts for our clients. As the result, we try to maximise your potential and help you to achieve your goals, long term or short term. We also specialise in Strength and Conditioning, Post-Injury rehabilitation, and Mobility training. Our personal training sessions are 60 minutes per session and comes in a format of:-

  • One on One;

  • Buddy (One on Two); or

  • Small Group (3 people max) per class.




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If you had any unfortunate injuries, either from playing a sport that you loved, or just from an accident, first thing you need to know is "DON'T PANIC". Injuries are not the end of the world, and it's often a good learning curve for your own physical development. Whether it is an ACL tear, lower back pain, etc. Our coach have extensive knowledge and experience to assist you to regain fully functional in the least amount of time. We also have great connection with recommended physiotherapists, chiropractors, manual therapists and massage therapist who could assist your rehab journey in every step of the way. 

We do not have a separate package for Post-Injury Rehabilitation, but it is offered under our Personal Training package. Come for a trial class to find out more and our coach will assess your current status and provide solution in your rehabilitation.



At Awaken Personal Training, we believe good progress starts with good foundation. The fundamental of good foundation is restoring good range of motion so you could maximise your strength and movement capacity generated across your muscles and joints. It is also an excellent way to prevent injuries from happening. Whether you are an office worker, a young athlete, or an elderly person, we offer personalised training through a systematic approach, using methods from Gymnasticbodies in order to progress and prep your body to be as mobile and robust as possible. For athletes who is at their off-season, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to prepare your body for the upcoming season ahead. 

We do not have a separate package for Mobility & Stretch class, but it is offered under our Personal Training package. Come for a trial class to find out more and our coach will assess you and provide advice on how you could become a more flexible.



Nutrition is the most important in contribution to your success in your personal training journey, so important that if you don't follow a good guideline to start with, you would most likely not achieve a very good result. For the 23 hours that you are not in the gym, we believe that the most crucial time to achieve great progress, and with good preparation in your kitchen will make a massive difference to how you feel and function everyday. Our coach are qualified to help you find out what your body type is, measuring your fat percentage, and find out what exactly that you must eat to achieve good visible results. And most importantly, providing good guidance to assist you out with your own meal prepping method, or choosing the right food as well as pointing out foods that should be avoided when eating out.

We do not have a separate package for nutritional advice, but it is offered within our Personal Training package. Come for a trial class to find out more and our coach will assess you and provide advice on how you should diet smartly.


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